hey, i cant write html for shit and i havent had an IT class for like 5 years so be gentle. im probably just gonna use this site to ramble about dumb shit like ghosts and aliens and that kind of thing. so if ur into that, welcome!

"If you want to be sure of unusual thing such as aliens or UFOs, then you have to think about it from an unusual way of thinking."- Toba Beta, "My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut"

a little bit about me.

im jake, i was born on the 25th january 1998. im an art student from the uk and im currently doing a course on painting, drawing and printmaking. i wanted to try my hand at making a website (for the first time since secondary school) so that i could possibly work my way up to eventualy building my own online portfolio. ive only recently in the last year become interested in UFOlogy in the last year but have been interested in the paranormal for quite a while longer. i can be reched at: . (yes im aware its disgustingly weeby)